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Eric works in the tradition of psychoanalysis pioneered by Freud, and extended by such object relations theorists as Melanie Klein, DW Winnicott, Harry Guntrip and James Masterson.

The aim of the analysis is personality change. It achieves this through the patient’s developing relationship with the therapist. The technique uses free association and presentation of dreams, and interprets them. Topics are initiated by the patient only. Physical and social contact between therapist and patient is limited as rigorously as possible. Patients typically attend for several years, and come as many times a week as their anxiety requires.

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Psychodynamic therapy

Some patients benefit from psychotherapy focused on specific problems. The therapy follows James Masterson’s adaptation of object relations theory to the disorders of the self. The work is more interactive and patients sit opposite the therapist. They typically come once or twice a week.

Medicare pays partial rebates on ten psychotherapy sessions a year. To qualify, you will need a GP to draw up a health care plan (book a double appointment). The GP then writes a referral for six sessions. If necessary, you return to the GP for referral for another four sessions. Only one health care plan a year is needed. In the following New Year, the whole process is repeated as needs be.

Eric is familiar with the focussed interventions required by Medicare and uses them when appropriate.

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AIDS-related therapy

During the AIDS epidemic 1985–1995 Eric adapted psychotherapy technique for people with HIV and AIDS, in particular to the role of stigma and shame in dealing with HIV. Based on Erving Goffman’ s Stigma, the technique increased social and physical interaction with patients and significant others, especially in cases of severe social isolation or of being physically disfigured. By 1996, however, it became clear that the technique could too easily be misrepresented. In any case, the epidemic and the rationale it provided had passed. So in 1996 Eric reverted to strictly limited interaction with patients, without exception.

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Psychological tests

The K-10 Test of Psychological Distress is in the public domain. Results of the online version available here will automatically be sent to Eric when it is submitted.

Other online psychological tests are available for existing patients by arrangement.

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Supervision must be work-related and preferably approved by the client’s employer. The rate is the same as for psychotherapy, but GST is added and the whole cost is deductible from the client's (or employer’s) taxable income.

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Curriculum vitae

Eric Timewell is a registered psychologist in Australia.

Eric was a member for fifteen years of the department of Behavioural Health Sciences at La Trobe University. In 1986 he started the first AIDS course in an Australian university, AIDS in Context, and taught it for ten years. He was a senior psychologist for ten years at the Victorian AIDS Council (he is now a Life Member), and for ten years sessional psychologist for people with HIV at Fairfield Infectious Diseases Hospital. He was the major editor of the book AIDS in Australia (Pearson, 1992) and wrote its chapter on “Counselling and Psychotherapy.” He is also co-author of In-Depth Interviewing (Longmans).

Since 1995 Eric has been in private practice at Prahran Market Clinic and in the dedicated clinical room at his flat.

Eric has a graduate certificate (2013–16) from the International Masterson Institute in the disorders of the self.

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Sessions run for fifty-one minutes starting exactly on the hour. Sessions missed without a month's notice (no matter what the reason) are charged at the full rate. Sessions missed with notice are charged at half the usual rate. Cancellations must be made to Eric personally or by phone, not to Prahran Market Clinic or by email.

Notes are taken, sometimes in the session, sometimes afterwards. Nearly all sessions are audio-recorded as well.

Eric does not observe public holidays, but often observes school holidays in January.

Eric refuses to work with anyone already seeing another therapist.

If your account is overdue and is referred to a collection agency or a law firm, you will be liable for all costs which would be incurred as if the debt were collected in full, including legal demand costs.

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Eric follows the code of ethics of the Australian Health Practitioner Regulation Agency. The code implies complete respect for the integrity and well-being of the patient, regardless of the concerns of others, including the therapist. It also implies strict confidentiality—except for court appearances, reporting crimes or reporting suicide attempts. Patients, for their part, are obliged not to misrepresent the therapy or act violently. They are also obliged to pay within a reasonable time.

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Invoices are presented monthly and should be paid in the following month. Cheques should be made out to Eric Timewell, not Prahran Market Clinic. Electronic fund transfers can be made to the account number 132994484 named Eric Timewell at BSB 633-000. If you make such a payment, please give your surname as the reference. PayPal payments can be made to

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When your GP draws up a health care plan and refers you for psychotherapy, there is a Medicare rebate of $84.80 a session, with a limit of 10 sessions a year (from the start of January). Eric does not bulk bill for these sessions: you should bring cash or a card to pay the bill for the session, which is immediately claimable from Medicare. If you cancel without notice you pay the full fee without rebate.

Medicare rebates can be accessed online with the Apple or Android app called Express Plus Medicare. To use it, you need a myGov user name and password or an Australian Government card. You also need to have your bank details registered with Medicare.

Some private health fund schedules cover a proportion of psychologists’ fees. These don’t apply to sessions already rebated by Medicare.

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Provider numbers

Eric’s Medicare provider number at Prahran is 2612114W; in St Kilda, 2612115F.

Some private health fund schedules cover a proportion of psychologists’ fees. Eric may need to apply to your fund for a provider number. Current provider numbers are Medicare Private 673952X ; HBA M64184B; Australian Health Care Management Group PS300345; Australian Unity 00252710; Department of Justice vendor 118596 at VRAS-1; TAC 16049910.

Eric’s e-Health number (his HPI-I) is 8003 6150 0304 6591.
Prahran Market Clinic’s HPI-O is 8003 6258 3333 6518.
The HPI-O of Eric’s Dalgety Street rooms has not yet been released.

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Professional indemnity

Eric has full and current professional indemnity.

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Mail to Prahran Market Clinic, PO Box 539, Prahran 3181.

Send an email to Eric by following this link.

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Prahran Market Clinic, Pran Central, Mezzanine, Cnr Commercial Road and Chapel Street, Prahran 3181. Take a 72 tram in Swanson Street and get off at Chapel Street.

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St Kilda

Eric has a dedicated clinical room in Dalgety Street, St Kilda 3182. Take a 16 tram in Swanson Street or a 96 tram in Bourke Street. Park in Gray or Princes Street.

Dalgety Street map

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Eric has written a book, published in October 2012. The book is not about psychology and Eric’s publishing has no connection with his work as a therapist.

Details of the book can be found at Frank Riethmuller: Life and Roses.

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